DermaSweep is the latest in micro-resurfacing/ microdermabrasion technologies, a procedure that combines the elements of brushes, vacuum, and continual flow application of any number of agents simultaneously to effectively boost the therapeutic impact of agents. It is well tolerated and useful to treat a variety of problems from acne to sun-damaged skin in a manner that individuals can both appreciate and tolerate. DermaSweep® is capable of producing a more significant result than traditional microdermabrasion. When coupled with the various infusion agents, vitamin c, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, lightening agents, the results transcend those achievable with any other microdermabrasion.

Silk Microdermabrasion

This physical exfoliation improves sun damaged skin, age spots and facial scars. This also thickens the deepest layer of the skin which helps increase collagen production.
30 minutes $95.00
60 minutes with Facial $165.00

DermaSweep Infusion

This treatment has the ability to deliver 7 skin-specific topical products deeper into the skin with simultaneous exfoliation.
45 minutes $130.00
75 minutes with Facial $180

*All Microdermabrasions last approximately 30 minutes, depending on skin type.

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